Meet Sophie


Sophie is a 16 year old Percheron mare. She joined our herd this summer with Cody, they were pasture mates and were surrendered together. 

Sophie was on a truck headed for slaughter when she was rescued four years ago by her previous owner. We believe in her former life she was a carriage horse, but is making the transition to a riding horse beautifully. 

She has such a quiet and gently nature, loves to be groomed and will do just about anything for a cookie. Sophie is a stunning creature, and we’d love to have more pictures of her, but she’s really camera shy. 

We’ll be spending some time getting her used to having her picture taken. I’m hoping that she’ll be The Lacey Foundation’s horse ambassador, so we’re spending quite a bit of time on her training. Sophie is quite willing and just wants to please, so it shouldn’t take too much 🙂