Meet Bull

bullBull was on the way to the big pasture in the sky, when my vet called and asked me to give him another chance at life. 

His former owner’s had tried to find someplace for him to live before they moved, but having failed they were going to have him euthanized. They called the vet and the truck to haul him away, and the vet arrived to find an older horse, but one with a lot of life left him with these beautiful sad eyes that must have pleaded with her to please find another way. 

When the vet called us, we said of course he could come here. He arrived Thanksgiving weekend two years ago, and we give thanks every day that he is here. Bull is the first to greet us in the mornings and is always there for a good horsey hug. 

He and Trixie are like an old married couple, they really don’t seem to enjoy each other too much, but just try and separate them. Bull is a 30 year old appendix, which makes him the youngest horse in the geriatric pasture.