Meet Zoey

zoeyZoey, a very sweet Mustang mare, joined our Lacey Foundation family in March of 2008. Lacey, our inspiration for TLFAR, passed in December 2007 and the next spring I knew that we were ready to add to our herd and Bill and Lampert needed a boss mare. 

We went to visit Dreamcatchers Equine Rescue in hopes of finding that one special horse we could share our lives with. It took a couple of visits, but in March we met Zoey, she was out in one of their large pastures with a lot of other horses, all the others either completely ignored us or were overly excited to see us. Zoey was quietly laying just watching us. I walked up and knelt down beside her and that was it, she just looked up at me and let me love her. She came home the next day. 

Another young horse, but she was quiet and willing, with enough spunk to be a little bit of a challenge. We started her on the ground and she quickly let us know that she was really ready for more, so we started her under saddle training. She did beautifully, like that’s just what she was supposed to be doing. Zoey’s a relatively young horse, but as my trainer and friend CC put it, she is worth her weight in gold. This summer she is with my aunt in Oregon, working as a therapeutic riding horse. They are truly impressed by her quiet gentle nature. 

We are all anxious to bring Zoey back to The Lacey Foundation ranch later this fall.