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Our Mission:
The Lacey Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation dedicated to the care of equines and other helpless animals.

Our mission is to save, defend, protect and rehabilitate horses in need. The Lacey Foundation rescues mistreated, neglected or abandoned equines and provides them with care, rehabilitation, training and ultimately placement in a loving home.

If suitable homes are not found, The Lacey Foundation will provide permanent sanctuary for our rescued animals.
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The Lacey Foundation, Inc.
501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization
, Colorado USA
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News, Notes & Events
The Lacey Foundation Animal Rescue & Sanctuary
The last several years have been incredible at The Lacey Foundation! In 2011 we welcomed Chester, a 32 year old Quarterhorse gelding, Miraj, a 16 year old sweet Arabian mare, Mia, a 17 year old beautiful Arabian mare, Cody, a handsome 28 year old Percheron mix, Sophie, a 17 year old stunning black Percheron mare and Ms. Pepe, a 26 year old Morgan mare who arrived with a broken pelvis, but has since been able to return to pasture.

In 2012 we received Gracie a lovely 9 year old Quarterhorse who has a badly injured leg and needs care and time to mend as well as Blues, a darling 18 year old Clydesdale mare with ringbone and Roanie, a 28 year old Quarterhorse gelding, who is quite the ladies' man and the lovely Layla.

In 2013 we greeted Tiki, an adorable Palomino mare who is too cute and sweet. TLFAR also added another home for neglected animals in the Southeast, while also working with a charity in the Northwest.
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Photographs from TLFAR
Miraj's Nightime Arrival
Summer 2011
Mia Comes to Lacey's Place
Summer 2011
Cody & Sophie Arive at TLFAR
Summer 2011
Before and after pictures of Trixie: A resilient 37 year old Quarterhorse mare that came to The Lacey Foundation in June of 2008
Injured Ms. Pepe Arrives at Our Sanctuary
Summer 2011
Gentle Gracey Joins the Herd
Spring 2012
Lacey Welcomes Blues & Roanie
Spring 2012
Lovely Layla Now at Lacey Foundation
Summer 2012
Adorable Tiki Now Safe & Sound
Winter 2013